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18th International exhibition
"Masterpieces of Religious Music" - 2003

Artistic Presentation by the M ° Pelucchi Pierangelo

artistic program of the 18th International Exhibition "Masterpieces of Religious Music" for 2003 was developed by taking inspiration from the experience gained during the previous editions, based on three key elements:

  1. Proposal of famous monuments and sacred songs that symphony in Italy are rarely proposed because of the vastness of the complex necessary for their execution.
  2. The proposed pieces of rare execution and even world premieres of modern (global or national).
  3. considered that the proposals for the public concert should be an opportunity for artistic enjoyment, but at the same time a moment of stimulation and cultural growth.

on these principles has developed an artistic path that winds from Easter until Christmas 2003. An innovation introduced in this concert season is also represented from inclusion of a song for a madrigalistico; to revive the honor of this concert is the main piece in the program: The "Passio DNJC-. Secundum Mattheum "by Louis De Tomas Victoria. Compared to this Passio, a piece of absolutely rare performance, The Passion According to John by Johann Sebastian Bach and the Requiem of Gabriel Faure and the Brahms German Requiem is contrary to the "famous" this season. Adequate space has also wanted to give pure polyphonic repertoire, with 3 youth choir that is the direction of the contact.

The natural heritage of the area Lecco organs could not be neglected also the proposed concerts for body with brass quartet, and entirely new organ and horn of the Alps. For the last two concerts planned in the concert season has drawn the immense tradition of Neapolitan music, beginning with the Sacred Concerts of Alessandro Scarlatti.

E 'has now become an established tradition of the annual review " ; Masterpieces of religious music, "the inclusion in the modern world premiere" of a piece of great artistic value, after having achieved the critical review. That this proposal is for the Cantata for the Blessed Christmas "is Ver Ah Too" by Alessandro Stradella

As regards the perpetrators of the various concerts included in the art project in 2003, as well as youth choirs it was made of the presence of complex international, distinguished by an indisputable artistic standing. Prestigious groups are the German Munstervocalisten of Nuremberg and Ingolstadt, respectively engaged in the "Passion According to John" and the sacred concerts of Alessandro Scarlatti. Equally well known is the chorus of children singing "Boni Pueri" in Hradec Kralove (Czech Republic) who will perform the Fauré Requiem. Completes the complex madrigalistico "Fosco Corti", appreciated for the specialty experience especially in the polyphonic Renaissance repertoire.

Concert Season in 2003 and Lecco Province April/December

24-25 April - available 1 consultation (in collaboration with the Parish of St. Nicholas) Johan Sebastian Bach "PASSION ACCORDING TO JOHN" For soloists, choir and orchestra of St. Cantoria Matthew - Erlangen (Nuremberg) Director: Gerhard Rilling Orchestra: Junges Orchester Rahlstedter

May 31, Joseph Haydn "The Creation" sacred oratorio for soloists, chorus and orchestra Chorus: Henry Purcell Choir Orchestra Mannheim: Mannheim Director : Lionel FAWCETT

9 July - 11 July Lecco Bergamo - St. Nicholas and Santa Maria Maggiore (available 1 consultation) Gabriel Fauré REQUIEM For soloists, choir and orchestra Chorus: Boni Pueri of Hradec Kralove ( Czech Rep.) UECA Orchestra Conductor: Pierangelo Pelucchi (in collaboration with Mia-Bergamo and Parish of St. Nicholas of Lecco)

Sunday 13 July (at the Lecco Province) POLIFONICHE YOUTH CONCERTS (Collaboration: Province of Lecco and municipalities of the territory)

End of September: (3 concerts available) THE AUTHORITY THE PRINCE OF INSTRUMENTS organ and brass quartet: Luciano ZECCA organist organ and horn of the Alps (new to l 'International Year of Mountains) Organista: Johannes SKUDLIK Horn of the Alps: Martin ROS

1st Decade October: (2 concerts available) Alessandro Scarlatti Caro Mea Requiescet (31-XII - 1707) "CONCERTS SACRI," ; 1,2,3,4 entries with a violin and a Salve Regina 4 voices with violins (1st implementing modern world) Group voice: I Solisti del Duomo di Ingolstadt (D) Director: Franz Hauk

Thursday 23 Ottobre - Milano Basilica di San Ambrogio Friday 24 October - Lecco Basilica of St. Nicholas (1st time in Lecco) J. Brahms' EIN DEUTSCHES REQUIEM "CHORUS: Civic Chorus Milanesi ORCHESTRA: Friends of Music of Gottingen (in collaboration with CMBA Deutschland)

7-14 December: (available 4 concerts) CHRISTMAS CONCERTS World News Coproduction HG Lecco/Amici della Musica di Alessandro Stradella Sondalo Cantata for HOLY NIGHT CHRISTMAS For soloists, choir, concert, and the viola concerto grosso lute and harp Room Orchestra: UECA

The program for technical reasons, may suffer changes

Season Promoted with the support of: Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Regione Lombardia, Provincia di Lecco, Lecco Municipality, APT Of Lecco, Banca Popolare di Lecco SpA Deutsche Bank

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