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Giuseppe Zelioli Lecco Province and 8-12 July 2009

periodic event in the promotion of music in general want to be specific initiative of particular regard to the youth choir.
opening of the event with parades of all groups, parade of decorated gondolas Lariani in the Bay of Lake Lecco. Arrival of the European flag and national flags. Alzabandiera on the floating stage anchored. Implementation of the European, the official greeting of the President of Harmonia Gentium and religious city.
Two hearings, the purpose of assessing the presence of artistic Commission
· an international art in the Basilica of San Nicolò, with attached participation of public and in the Sala Ticozzi.
· Greeting Journal of Provincial and Municipal authorities
European folk evening parade of vintage cars at the end
· Concerto in which each group presents traditional songs of his land.
· Activities of the grouping, preparing the track for the closing ceremony of the Festival;
· adequate opportunities for singers to children in family life, with guided tours in Lecco, Milan, Bergamo, Como and its lake.
The program of the festival virtually no limitations on genre, although it is encouraged the performance of contemporary music. Each group is required unanimous admitted:
- Track Preparation collective program
-1 monodic liturgical song (Gregorian, Ambrosian, etc. .... The free choice (maximum 3 ').
-1 sacred a cappella piece composed after 1970 (maximum 5 '), and author of the nation of origin
-2 sacred a cappella songs of free choice any time and author of a maximum 6'
-1 sacred song of freedom with accompanying organ of any age and author maximum 5 '
-1 profane with piano piece composed after 1970 (maximum 5');
-1 profane song a chapel of any age and the author (maximum 4 ');
-2 popular songs of their own land maximum 8' total
-repertoire for a concert of 50 'free choice.


- Children/e, young people and leaders of the participating choirs, for the part of public and private hearings to end the proceedings set forth in the final artistic committee, tests of hand collective for the Solemn Mass for the final and closing ceremony as a possibility and singing in Italy, meeting with our children and our families to meet and friendship with other choirs from high-level European and knowledge of our region.
- The young and adult, and the Province of Lecco: as an opportunity to meet with young people (and reality) of other countries, as users of the evening concerts and folklore of Europe, who proposed the choirs.

E 'il trinity bearings or "exemplary" of the event based on the following pillars:
- Convienza
- Activities along
-- csa feel outside their own country
- Feeling at home with children from other countries

- Abolition of any concrete border
- Cultural exchange
- Knowledge of other
experiences - Refinement of their artistic skills
Musical Association Harmonia Gentium President cav. Raffaele Colombo

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