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The 23 th International exhibition "Masterpieces of religious music", "The religious music vehicle cohesion of cultures and peoples" will start Tuesday March 25 in the Basilica of St. Nicolò in Lecco with the opening concert dedicated to Don Giuseppe Tagliabue in the tenth anniversary of the disappearance. The concert is titled "From Classicism to modern times" and will be interpreted by the Kammerchor Frauenkirche in Dresden (Germany). The director Matthias Grunert present through his choir couple of notable artistic standing of an anthology polyphonies "ab origine".

Friday, April 18, however, you will be in the Church of San Materno to the streets to Father Christopher Pescarenico (Lecco), to listen to the concert "O magnum Misterium". In this concert the mysteries of Christ will be revisited through the celebrations and they did the Church using the Gregorian singing. The ensemble "More Antiquo" in Lugano (Switzerland), one of the greatest European Gregoriano hand, propose, assisted by the voice of Jeanne Scardon and under the direction of John Conti, an interesting mixture of sacred music and sacred theater . A mixture that is rooted in the period in which the sacred texts were explained to the illiterate (nearly all), through, in fact, music and theater resulted in the "Vulgate".

Tuesday, May 27 in the Basilica of San Nicolò in Lecco on the occasion of the 150th of the apparitions of Lourdes, will be the concert of the composer André Caplet (1878-1925) entitled "Miroir de Jesus &rdquo and dedicated to the mysteries of the Rosary: five sung (for mezzo-soprano, chorus, harp and strings) for each mystery (joyful, glorious, painful). Interpreter a chorus of female voices, the "vocis Studium Musicae" of today. Orchestra: Ensemble Camerata dei Laghi mezzosoprano soloist Joanna Caravaggio, under the direction of Giancarlo Buccino.

The concert most popular or most well known is that potentially in honor of Our Lady of the Rosary with the traditional Feast of Lecco, October 3, entitled "The liturgical music of France and Germany" In the Basilica of San Nicolò echoing notes of Poulenc and his "Concerto in G Major" for organ, timpani and strings (organist Luciano Zecca), followed: the Mendelsshon Bartoldy "Hymne" 90 works for soloists, chorus and orchestra and Poulenc "Gloria" for soprano, chorus and orchestra. On this will be the protagonist Lecco Symphonic Choir and the direction it will be for Pierangelo Pelucchi.

Tuesday, October 21 concert newest and suggestive of the whole review on the basis of collection of poems Chilean poet Pablo Neruda "Canto General", the music teacher of greek Theodorakis move the hearts of listeners in the concert entitled "The spirituality of man and nature." This is a concert that was not set as a place of execution because it is not religious music "tout court" can be housed in a theater or other "location." On the stage there will be three flutes, five drummers, three guitars, two pianos and a bass. The choir will be the German Niedersachsen Singakademie led by a Protestant pastor Claus Heinke Ullrich.

The 23rd season will end as December 30 in the Basilica of St. Nicholas with the "Weinachtoratorium" (Christmas Oratorio) by Johann Sebastian Bach. Will be performed by the chorus "Pueri Cantores Sancti Nicolai" Bochnia (Poland) under the direction of Pierangelo Pelucchi. Will run the first three cantatas with a choice other than the usual (ie divide the two sides in three concerts by two cantatas each). This will run the entire first part of this beautiful sacred oratorio (which in the Protestant tradition was carried out from Christmas until the third Sunday after the Epiphany, a cantata for each Sunday).

The season is organized with the support of Regione Lombardia, Provincia di Lecco, City of Lecco, and of: Banca Popolare di lecco, Banca Popolare di Bergamo, Banca di Credito Cooperativo Carate Brianza, Banca Popolare di Milano, Banca di Credito Cooperativo di Treviglio, newspaper, "The Province of Lecco and other public and private companies.

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